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Enter Online Service Request Here:

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Please allow 3-5 business days to be contacted to schedule an appointment date. 

Should any item(s) be an urgent matter, please do not wait but refer to your Emergency Contact List in your closing packet and contact that contractor immediately, then follow up with a service request of the matter at hand. An emergency constitutes water entering your home, air conditioning/HVAC not working on both floors of your home. 

Thank you!
Warranty Department

Please complete the form to the left,
click the "Service online Solution" link below to file your Service Request.

We ask that you refrain from sending multiple requests throughout the year, cosmetic items that are covered by the warranty in place will only be done once and should be submitted on your final service request list that you should send in at 11 months post-closing in order to allow the contractors to complete the work prior to your anniversary expiration date. (Ex: Interior caulking, nail pops/sheetrock cracks, floor squeaks, etc.) 

Please review your home warranty booklet prior to sending in a service request as many items are simply homeowner maintenance after closing. (Ex: Exterior Caulking, painting, holes in yard, dead bushes/trees, balancing ceiling fans, light bulbs, etc – See Items Not Warranted After Closing see your Walk Thru List).

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